We all understand that being selected to be the executor of an estate can be a daunting and challenging assignment. When helping settle an estate for a family member or friend you are usually trusted with the house and everything in the house. In this article we will help you understand the pros and cons when selecting different types of local estate vendors from: Estate Sale Companies, Estate Attorneys, Real Estate Professionals, etc.

Horror Stories You Should Keep In Mind

When hiring an estate sale company you should consider the following factors and ask these questions. Is the estate sale company licensed and insured? Does the local estate sale company work out of its house or do they have commercial retail space? Do they offer property cleanouts ?? Do they have a large network of estate sale buyers? What can they do with all of the estate property that doesn’t sell during the traditional in home estate sale??

Unfortunately there are some small estate sale companies who don’t sell everything during the normal sale, to then end up asking you to donate everything after the sale. Statistically 25 – 35% of estate property doesn’t sell during the in-home sale. You have to have a plan B and the best game plan pre and post estate sale.

Traditional Estate Sale vs eFlow 360 Warehouse Sale

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Executor Of Estate Survival Kit

Estate Depot and Estate Synergy have the entire team you need to sell the house and everything in the house. Estate Depot has the best local estate attorneys, estate sale companies, and real estate professionals that will help you settle the estate the right way with max profits!

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